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 Help for Homeowners


​Coming Soon​

​​Team Kentucky is working with the U.S. Treasury to develop the Homeowners Assistance Fund, a new federal program that will offer homeowners help with their mortgage and related expenses so they can avoid foreclosure.

The program has not been approved, and details are tentative. We recommend you sign up​ for more information so that you will be among the first to know​ when the program is approved and funding is available. 

Until then, you can begin gathering documentation and information so that you can quickly apply once the program is available. 

​Visit the links below to learn more about proposed eligibility requirements and required documentation for applicants. You can also explore frequently asked questions.​

Program Progress 

Before the application portal can open and Team Kentucky can offer relief to homeowners, it must accomplish five goals. Currently, we are in the third stage of the process, working with Treasury and awaiting approval of our program's plan.

As we move through our timeline, we will update the below graphic here and on our sign up page​.