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Impacted by COVID-19?

Apply for the Team Kentucky Homeowner Assistance Fund!

The Homeowner Assistance Fund (HOAF) helps homeowners impacted by COVID with their mortgage and other housing-related expenses so they can avoid foreclosure. 

HOAF ​payspartial claims and deferred balances. If an applicant restructured a home loan during COVID to lower their monthly payments and deferred debt to the end of their mortgage, HOAF can help pay off that delayed debt. ​

HOAF now accepts applications for those experiencing indirect COVID-related financial hardships, such as losses of income that the stresses or impacts of COVID contributed to or caused. Eligible hardships must be associated with the coronavirus pandemic but not necessarily caused by an individual becoming ill with COVID-19. ​

Applicants must attest that they have been impacted by COVID. The fund is not for those struggling due to inflation, natural disasters or other increased costs of living. 

For details about eligibility*, required documentation and frequently asked questions, click​ the red Learn more​ button below. ​To apply, click the blue Apply for Assistance button below.​

*Eligibility does not guarantee approval of funds. 

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About Us

The Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center, established in 2008 to address the foreclosure crisis in Kentucky, offers assistance to homeowners in need. It is a multiorganizational partnership administered by Kentucky Housing Corporation in cooperation with the Department of Financial Institutions to provide struggling homeowners free assistance and advice to get them back on track.

If you are delinquent on your home loan or in danger of becoming delinquent, click Apply for Assistance or call 866-830-7868 to schedule an appointment.​

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Disclaimer: If you have been served with a formal petition or a court action of foreclosure by your lender please seek legal advice immediately. Kentucky Housing Corporation and/or the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center cannot provide legal advice. While the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center can refer you to Legal Aid agencies, you must meet the eligibility requirements and case acceptance guidelines set by Legal Aid for your case to be accepted. Please note that contacting the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center, a counseling agency, or Legal Aid does NOT automatically address or delay any legal foreclosure process that has been filed against you. It is your responsibility to seek further legal advice if Legal Aid is not able to take your case.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​