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 Logo Usage and Guidelines

Logo Usage

The Protection Center logo should be used on a white background. If there is a need for the logo to appear on a dark background, the logo should be white. The Protection Center logo should never appear over a photo, gradient or texture without written permission from KHC.

Logo Display Options

Kentucky Housing Corporation has created many different options for the Protection Center logo to allow for difference in layout and feel across many different publications and media types.

Full Color:

KY HPC Full Color
Download JPG


KY HPC Full Color
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100% Black:

KY HPC 100% Black
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KY HPC 100% Black
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Reversed Logo Options:

Branding Size and Space Limitations

White Space

There should be a minimum clearance of ¼” surrounding the logo.

KY HPC White Space


The size of the logo can vary depending on use, but it should never be smaller than 1” wide in print and 150 pixels wide on the Web.

Inappropriate Logo Use

Listed below are general guidelines for what NOT to do to the Protection Center identity.  The Protection Center logo should only be used in the way KHC distributes it.  Do not alter the logo in any way.

  • No rearranging elements
  • No font substitutions
  • No resizing elements
  • No distorting or stretching
  • No color changes
  • No screen captures
  • No placing on a distracting background

Special Requests or Questions

For alternate electronic versions of the Protection Center logo or questions about limitations on usage, please contact the KHC Communications Department at the previously noted telephone number or e-mail address.

Logo/Brand Colors

Materials for the Protection Center should be in the campaign colors of red and/or blue (below), or grayscale for black and white publications.  No other colors may be used for graphics or design without written permission from KHC.

KY HPC Protection Center Blue
Protection Center Blue:
Pantone Matching System = 534 C
CMYK = 99/72/22/6
RGB = 0/82/136


KY HPC Protection Center Red
Protection Center Red:
Pantone Matching System = 1815 C
CMYK = 28/97/100/31
RGB = 138/33/26