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KHC's COVID-19 Response
Kentucky Housing Corporation's primary concern is the safety of its employees, customers, and partners. Starting March 16,2020, KHC closed its doors to outside visitors and allowed many of its staff to telework to protect their well-being and to practice social distancing. The business of the Corporation continues. There should be no interruption in service.

For homeowners impacted throughout this pandemic, below are links to specific resources that may be helpful. You should also talk to your lender/servicer, the company where you make your house payment.

Welcome to the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center (Protection Center), the only statewide assistance program created by the Kentucky state government. Every Kentuckian who clicks on the “Get Free Help” button or calls the toll-free number, will have access to free financial counseling. Some Kentuckians may be eligible for free legal advice through the Protection Center’s partnership with Legal Aid.

If you are currently delinquent on your home loan or in danger of becoming delinquent, do not risk losing your home. Options are available. Click on the Ge​t Help button or call the toll free number to schedule an appointment.


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Disclaimer: If you have been served with a formal Petition or a court action of foreclosure by your lender please seek legal advice immediately. Kentucky Housing Corporation and/or the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center cannot provide legal advice. While the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center can refer you to Legal Aid agencies, you must meet the eligibility requirements and case acceptance guidelines set by Legal Aid for your case to be accepted. Please note that contacting the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center, a counseling agency, or Legal Aid does NOT automatically address or delay any legal foreclosure process that has been filed against you. It is your responsibility to seek further legal advice if Legal Aid is not able to take your case.

The Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center was established by the 2008 Kentucky General Assembly to address the foreclosure crisis here in Kentucky. The Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center is a joint effort of the Department of Financial Institutions, Kentucky Housing Corporation, and many other agencies and groups across the state. The Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center is administered by Kentucky Housing Corporation.​​​​​