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Attention: The Unemployment Bridge Program’s reservation window will close, the last day for new reservations is Tuesday, July 31, 2018. Applicants should be in touch with assigned housing counselors before this date.

 Transitional Counseling

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Not every homeowner is able to retain homeownership.  Some homeowners must execute a short-sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, or foreclosure.  This then becomes a very uncertain time for homeowners, one that requires a lot of tough decisions and scary questions like:

Where will we live?

How can we afford to move?

How do we get our children through this transition?

What will people think?

How do we rebuild our finances?

The good news is there is life after foreclosure.  The great news is, through the Protection Center, free counseling services are available for homeowners facing this transition.  Homeowners will have access to nationally trained, HUD approved housing counselors who can help them find the answers to the questions above as well as address other issues like:

Does your servicer offer a Cash for Keys program that will pay you money to leave the home in good condition?

What other public services will you need access to (i.e. food stamps, unemployment benefits, rental assistance, etc.)?

How can you transition out of homeownership with your dignity intact and begin to rebuild your finances as quickly as possible?

What are the tax implications of your method of disposition (foreclosure, short-sale, or deed-in-lieu)?

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* Important Alert!  There are companies advertising similar services for a fee.  The Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center, administered by Kentucky Housing Corporation, is a free resource for Kentucky homeowners.  Counseling services received from Kentucky's Homeownership Protection Center are FREE-OF-CHARGE.  You will not be asked to pay for any services in conjunction with participating in the program.