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Attention: The Unemployment Bridge Program’s reservation window will close, the last day for new reservations is Tuesday, July 31, 2018. Applicants should be in touch with assigned housing counselors before this date.

 Success Stories

If you have a success story about your experience with the Unemployment Bridge Program or the Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center, please share it!  Visit KHC's Web site, under Media Room, Success Stories, Submit Your Success Story.  Your name will be kept anonymous, if you wish.

"Let me first say, the ladies running the Unemployment Bridge Program are first rate and very personable.  They made me feel very comfortable with the entire process.  The process itself was simple and quick.  Before I knew it, my lender had the funds and my loan was caught up.  Without this program, I am confident I would have lost my home to foreclosure.  The payments were made on time and without any worry.  Thank you, KHC!"

Hebron, KY

"I moved to Kentucky from Florida in 2006 to take advantage of an excellent job offer.  When I arrived, the only thing I knew about Lexington was that Henry Clay once lived here, but I quickly grew to like the place.  Unfortunately, I was laid off in October 2010, and the only job I have had since was a contract assignment that took me all the way to Connecticut.  I don't have to tell you how dismal the economy has been for the past few years.  It is especially bad for folks like me who have high-tech skills; there just isn't a demand for them in Kentucky.  I am grateful for the Unemployment Bridge Program, because it saved my home.  Without it, I'm sure I would have had to leave the state, this time for good.  Now that the end of my assistance is in sight, I hope some prospective employers are reading this.  Is anybody hiring technical writers?"

Charles Kimball
Lexington, KY

"The Kentucky Unemployment Bridge Program was an absolute Godsend for us.  My husband was laid off some time ago and my job barely pays enough to meet the other bills and living expenses.  Without participating in this program, we would have surely lost our home.  My mother has many medical problems and lives with us.  I feared that if we could not keep our home, I would not be able to personally care for her and would have to make arrangements for care in a facility, which I did not want to do under any circumstances.  This truly is one of those 'no strings attached' programs.  In the beginning, I kept waiting for 'the other shoe to drop,' thinking there was some catch to the program.  I couldn't be happier to report there is nothing to worry about.  This program meant so very much to us and I am just grateful for the help.  The state of Kentucky did a wonderful thing by obtaining these funds to help people caught in a bad situation be able to keep their mortgages, taxes, and insurance current so another home isn't lost in the foreclosure hole."

Stamping Ground, KY


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